Predict Auto Mileage (Miles Per Gallon)

This model tries to predict the expected mileage (MPG) for an automobile based on attributes such as engine size, weight, model year.
The training data for this model is from the UCI Machine Learning Repository. Visit the site for more details about the origins of the dataset, data set and attribute information.
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Data Dictionary
Num Attribute Name Type Range Low Range HighValues
1 Cylinders Multi-Valued Number NA NA4,6,8
2Displacement Number 68 455 NA
3Horsepower Number 46 230 NA
4Weight Number 1613 5140 NA
5Acceleration Number 8.5 24.6 NA
6Model Year Number 70 82 NA
7Origin Multi-valued NumberNA NA 1,2,3
8Car Name String NA NA NA
9Miles Per Gallon (mpg)Number 0 32 NA
Notes: "Miles Per Gallon (mpg)" is the target attribute.
Here is additional description of the data set.
Sample data used to train the model
CylindersDisplacementHorsepowerWeightAccelarationModel YearOriginCar NameMPG
6250100332915.5711chevrolet chevelle malibu17
49880216415721dodge colt (sw)28
8351142405414.3791ford country squire (sw)15.5
4140?290514.3801ford mustang cobra23.6
48960196818.8803toyota corolla tercel38.1
412280245116.5741ford pinto26
498?204619711ford pinto25
37090212413.5733maxda rx318
8351158436313731ford ltd13
412097248915743honda civic24
47652164916.5743toyota corona31
49788210016.5723toyota corolla 1600 (sw)27
8267125360515791chevrolet malibu classic (sw)19.2
622590338118.7801dodge aspen19.1
8400180422011.1771pontiac grand prix lj16
8260110336515.5781oldsmobile cutlass salon brougham19.9
48665211017.9803mazda glc46.6
49071222316.5752volkswagen dasher25
415185285517.6781oldsmobile starfire sx23.8
410894237916.5733datsun 61022
8429208463311721mercury marquis11
49870212517.3821mercury lynx l36
415692262014.4811dodge aries wagon (sw)25.8
49775217116753toyota corolla29
415190267816.5801chevrolet citation28
8305145342513.2781chevrolet monte carlo landau19.2
410574219014.2812volkswagen jetta33
49883207515.9771dodge colt m/m33.5
8318210438213.5701dodge d20011
8318150423714.5731plymouth fury gran sedan14
412074263518.3813mazda 62631.6
49669218918722renault 12 (sw)26
410563221514.9811plymouth horizon 434.7
411681222016.9762opel 190025
414089275515.8771ford mustang ii 2+225.5
48664187516.4811plymouth champ39
4119100261514.8813datsun 200sx32.9
49767214518803subaru dl33.8
410772229017803honda accord32.4
8304120396213.9761amc matador15.5
6155107247214731mercury capri v621
47967200016742fiat x1.931
619895283315.5701plymouth duster22
6258110296213.5711amc hornet sportabout (sw)18
411288239518821chevrolet cavalier 2-door34
413584252516821dodge aries se29
49775215516.4763toyota corolla28
8351152421512.8761ford gran torino14.5
6232100291416751amc gremlin20
4156105280014.4801dodge colt27.9
48565202019.2793datsun 21031.8
6163133341015.8782peugeot 604sl16.2
414496266513.9823toyota celica gt32
49075212514.5741dodge colt28
6232100290116741amc hornet19
6173115259511.3791chevrolet citation28.8
413490271115.5803toyota corona liftback29.8
6156108293015.5763toyota mark ii19
414072240819711chevrolet vega (sw)22
8304150367211.5731amc matador14
625088302116.5731ford maverick18
8350150469914.5741buick century luxus (sw)13
6232112283514.7821ford granada l22
412088327021.9762peugeot 50419
844021543128.5701plymouth fury iii14
414072240119.5731chevrolet vega21
48570199017763datsun b-21032
8318150445713.5741dodge coronet custom (sw)14
8305140421513761chevrolet chevelle malibu classic17.5
617197298414.5751ford pinto18
49167196515.7823honda civic (auto)32
412097250614.5723toyouta corona mark ii (sw)23
619990264815701amc gremlin21
49778230014.5742opel manta26
8307130350412701chevrolet chevelle malibu18
49788227919733toyota carina20
4121112286815.5732volvo 144ea19
625072315819.5751ford maverick15
6250105335314.5761chevrolet nova22
412075254217.5803mazda 62631.3
414667325021.8802mercedes-benz 240d30
414072256513.6761ford pinto26.5
412180267015791amc spirit dl27.4
6200?287517741ford maverick21
623290321017.2781amc concord19.4
8302129316912751ford mustang ii13
49752213024.6822vw pickup44
49169213014.7792fiat strada custom37.3
6231105338015.8781buick century special20.6
414083263917751ford pinto23
49866180014.4781ford fiesta36.1
4151?303520.5821amc concord dl23
410570215014.9791plymouth horizon tc334.5
6231110341515.8811buick century22.4
49767198516.4773subaru dl30
625088330215.5711ford torino 50019
46849186719.5732fiat 12829
49070193714.2762vw rabbit29
6168120382016.7762mercedes-benz 280s16.5
Notes: Only 100 rows are shown here. The sample data used to train the model has 318 rows. Download the full sample dataset.