Recommend Movies for Viewers

Train & Get Recommendations

You can now train the the model and get movie recommendations. When you submit the input data file, it will be processed by a Hadoop (Mahout) job running on a cluster.
If you use the sample input dataset provided, the Hadoop job will take about two minutes to complete. If you provide your own custom input dataset (using the Advanced Option) the completion time will depend on the size of the input dataset.
Train the Model and Get Recommendations
The easiest and quickiest way to train the model and get recommendations is to submit sample input dataset by clicking on the "Submit Now" button.
Train the model and get recommendations for your own input data. Follow these three simple steps:
Step 1:   Start with Sample Input Data File as a template.
Step 2:   Customize with your own data (copy and paste your data).
Step 3:   Submit the file below.