How Snap Works for You

Get Going in 3 Easy Steps
    List your models in the Snap marketplace.
You have invested valuable IP in your prediction models. Put it to work for you (even when you are resting). The Snap marketplace enables you to reach highly qualified customers worldwide
Earn licensing or subscription fees.
Generate revenue through licensing or subscription fees. Consulting companies can complement their consulting services by monetizing IP
Know your customers and their usage.
With Snap, you always know exactly who is using your models, how much, when and how.
When users want to customize the models, you can directly engage with them.

Engage Directly with Your Customers

Collaborate with Your Users
We believe that for prediction models to deliver real business value, it is essential that model authors and users collaborate directly. Therefore, collaboration is a key feature of Snap. You get to engage directly with all your customers throughout the lifecycle of the model.
Even after the model is deployed in production you can track the performance of the model to provide timely updates. Also, as data and business requirements change, you can further customize the models.
Know Who, When, How and How Much
Snap is based on a completely transparent business model. As a model creator, you will know exactly who is using your models as well as how, when and how much they are using your models. You can use the usage information to spot trends, update models and plan ahead.

Sell Your Existing Models "As Is"

Sitting on a Data Mining Gold Mine?

You do not have to create new models for the Snap marketplace. Snap is fully open, supporting all the currently popular predictive analytic tools and technologies. You can sell (or just contribute) models you have already developed in the Snap marketplace 'as is.' Don't let your model gather dust on your servers!

Snap Supports

Full-Service Marketplace

Snap Analytx offers a range of services to help you realize the most value from your intellectual property:

We will assist you to onboard your prediction model and list it in the Snap prediction catalog. We will help you to make any changes (if necessary) and design the end-user experience for optimal performance and ease of use.

We will help you to create the right messaging, positioning and value proposition for your model. We will identify the target audience and promote your model to them.

We will advise you on how to price your models as well as define the right set of metrics to track and measure how your customers will be charged for using your models.
Metering and Tracking
We meter and track how much each of your customers is using your models. You can see the usage report, updated daily, in your online portal.

Snap bills customers on your behalf to collect the subscription fees. Snap will verify customersí credit worthiness and prevent intentional abuse of the system.

We provides your customers with Level 1 support. If you want, we can also provide Level 2 and Level 3 support.
All these services are complimentary and included in the listing fees.
Our customer services team offers tailored marketing and support services for additional fees. Please contact ( for details.

What a Model Author is Saying
Founder and CEO, Management Foresight
Saves me the cost and effort of marketing and selling my models by myself

Pricing and Fees

Snap Analytx charges fees for (1) listing your model in the Snap prediction catalaog and (2) for hosting and executing your models for your customers.

Listing Fees
The fees to list your models in the Snap prediction catalog is $99/month/model or $999/year/model.

All models listed in the Snap prediction catalog include an unlimited "free to try" option. When potential customers try 'live models' cloud computing resources are provisioned and consumed. A portion of the listing fees is used to cover these costs.

Waiver for contributed models: Snap will waive the listing fees models that are contributed to the community. Contributed models are free to list, free to try and free to use!.

Delist: You can choose to delist your model at any time. Refunds will be prorated.

Hosting Fees
Snap will retain 19% of the listed monthly subscription fees as commission for hosting and executing your models in its public cloud. Snap's commission is included in the monthly subscription fees. The net amount due to you is the monthly subscription fees less the commission.

Overuse fees: If a customer pays any fees, in excess of the monthly subscription fees, for exceeding the free usage included in the monthly subscription, Snap will retain 17% of the additional fees.

Customization Fees
Snap will retain 10% of fees customers pay to customize models. The fees is collected after customization is complete.

Snap reserves the right to change all fees with a minimum 90 days advance notice.
Whitepapers about Predictive Analytics Marketplaces
What is the process for submitting a model to Snap?

After you fill out the Model Submission form, we will contact you within 24 hours to provide instructions on how to submit the code for your model. The process is simple and straightforward but depends on the technology used to build the model and the user experience you want to provide. We will assist you through the onboarding process to ensure your model is successfully submitted to the Snap prediction catalog.

Can I register as an author even if I don't have a model to submit right now?

Absolutely yes. Register as a potential model author by filling out the Author Registration form. By registering you will be kept updated of all the latest developments of interest to you including special promotions, updates to the prediction model catalog and new services for model authors.

Can I get help in setting the monthly subscription price for the model? How do I decide how much free usage to include in the monthly subscription fees?

Pricing a model requires careful consideration; we will guide you through the process. There are two main components to the monthly subscription fees for a model:

  • The value of your IP.
  • The amount of cloud computing resources that a customer is likely to consume in a month, while using the model. This depends on the number of web service calls (API calls) to the model and the amount of data processed by the model.

Clearly, both of these vary from model to model and customer to customer. We will work with you to determine the optimal price, taking both these factors into consideration along with other factors such as the expected rate of adoption of the model and the projected cost of cloud computing over time.

Do I need to own the IP for all the models I submit to Snap?

Yes, you must own the IP for all the models you submit to Snap. You are responsible for settling any IP violation claims.

Who owns the IP of the model after I submit it to Snap?

You continue to own the IP for your model even after you submit your models to Snap.

What are my support responsibilities for my models?

Snap will provide first-level support to the model users including:

  • Educating the user about how to use the model
  • Training the model with the user's data
  • Integrating the model with the user's application
  • Deploying the model into production
  • Escalating bugs or performance issues to you

Your responsibilities typically include:

  • Customizing the model to meet the user's business requirements
  • Fixing bugs and providing updates
  • Modifying the model as appropriate to ensure compliance with performance requirements
  • Knowledge transfer to Snap so we can provide first level support
When do I get paid?

Snap charges model users a monthly subscription fee. You will be paid monthly, after the subscription fees have been received from the customer. Snap is responsible for collecting the subscription from users.

Author Registration — Model Submission
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