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Predictive Analytics for All

It is now beyond dispute that predictive analytics and data mining have the potential to positively impact numerous aspects of our lives. Examples are all around us. However, to date, the beneficial impact of predictive analytics have been confined only to relatively few large enterprises and wealthy developed nations with the resources to develop complex prediction models.

Developing prediction models is expensive due to (among other reasons):
  • Shortage of qualified data scientists, statisticians and analysts
  • Expensive model development tools (the popularity of open-source tools, such as R notwithstanding)
  • Lack of model reuse, i.e., every model is one-off and custom-built from scratch
What is Snap Doing?

Snap is proud to join the world-wide community of individuals and organizations dedicated to demystifying and democratizing predictive analytics.

Towards this goal:
  • Snap has created a platform that enables the community to easily and quickly share pre-built prediction models. The Snap Analytx platform enables users to learn by actually experiencing live models, i.e., deploy, execute, train, and score models with custom datasets and visualize the performance
  • Snap is hosting all contributed models for free
  • To jumpstart, we have contributed sample models and will continue to contribute more in the future
This is just the beginning!

We are off to a good start, but we are aware we have a way to go. We will continue to work with the community to enhance the Snap Analytx platform to facilitate the sharing of knowledge throughout the global community.

How You Can help
  • Contribute your own models
  • Improve and enhance the models already in the catalog
  • Provide feedback on existing models (through the discussion forums)
  • Suggest additional models

Program for Academic and Research Institutions

Snap has created a dedicated version of its online service to enable students, academicians and researchers to easily collaborate on their predictive analytics and data mining project.

Using the platform users can create predictions models and quickly share them with other collaborators such as students in a class, colleagues in your department or fellow researchers/academicians anywhere in the world

With the Snap collaboration platform for academic and research institutions, you can invite other collaborators (individual or groups) by just sending the model URLs. You can send the URLs via email, Twitter, texting or any other means of your choosing. You can control what the invitees can do with the models.

Options include:
  • Discuss and comment on the models
  • Interact with live models
  • Modify the models by changing the source code. Snap has integrated with Github for source code collaboration and management
  • In classroom situations, allow students to submit their projects directly through the Snap platform so that the assignment submission process can be streamlined. Teachers can use the Snap platform as a teaching aid by sharing models amongst the students

Pilot Program

Snap is working with a select number of universities and research labs to pilot the program. If you are interested in participating in this program or would like to know more, please contact us at

Whitepapers about Predictive Analytics Marketplaces
What Thought Leaders are Saying
... about Snap Analytx and Prediction Marketplaces
Tarek Najm
Founder and CEO, Parllay Inc
Open marketplace for predictive models is a good idea
... Open marketplace for predictive models is a good idea. We could certainly use some of the models that could help us solve some of our predictive modeling problems. I am glad to see Snap Analytx stepping up to create such a marketplace.
Reach both data scientists and data consumers in a fair way
... Having a marketplace for predictive models is a great way of ensuring the promised benefits of the Big Data and Analytics revolution actually reach both data scientists and data consumers in a fair way. As a longtime advocate of marketplaces for algorithms, I am happy to see the emergence of companies like Snap Analytx, dedicated to filling this critical market need.
CEO and Co-founder, Zementis
Innovative way to share pre-built prediction models
... Open marketplaces for predictive analytics are an innovative way to share pre-built prediction models. I am excited that Snap Analytx supports the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) industry standard. PMML empowers the vision of an open marketplace for predictive analytics in which standards-based models can easily be shared in a transparent way and instantly deployed across various operational platforms.
Founder and CEO, Management Foresight
Saves me the cost and effort of marketing and selling my models by myself
... It was easy to submit my model to the Snap Analytx marketplace. My model is implemented in C++ and Fortran and runs on Windows. I was able to submit it Ďasí is with very little modification ... As an entrepreneur I am very happy that an open marketplace like Snap Analytx exists. I expect Snap Analytx to expose my model to thousands of potential customers worldwide. It saves me the cost and effort of marketing and selling my models by myself.
Professor at University of Minnesota
Everyone can bring their homebrew Kool-Aid to the party
... Understanding statistics and machine learning is hard, building good predictive models is harder; but using them shouldn't be. Snap Analytx's iTunes style predictive modeling appstore makes this vision a reality. Now everyone can bring their homebrew Kool-Aid to the party, and everyone can sip their favorite flavors!"